Get to know the game well Hi-Lo Online

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Before knowing the formula to play. Get to know the game well Hi-Lo Online.

Hi-Lo game online It is an interesting gambling game. Variety of betting styles You can choose to invest in a variety of Hi-Lo games. The excitement of playing Hi-Lo through an online system that most people interest in exciting investments. has a form of guessing three dice. with points specified in all 6 aspects, making predictions different and unlimited investment choices

the origin of Hi-Lo game. It is consider a gambling game. That has play for a very long time. The beginning of the Hi-Lo game occurred from construction workers choosing to use bricks to identify numbers to use in fortune telling, which the rules of playing Hi-Lo at that time did not specify clearly what. Which at that time the name was chosen as Sicbo. But over time brought dice to replace bricks in drawing prizes. Then change the name to Hi-Lo If it’s in England, it’s call Sicbo. Which translates as high, low, while in Hong Kong, it uses Dai Siu. Which means small and large. Then it was a gambling game available in casinos and was very popular. Let’s go see Study here UFABET

How to play Hi-Lo games online

How to play Hi-Lo game is an online dice game. That uses 3 6-sided balls to play online. The design is shaken randomly. In which we must choose to bet Hi-Lo within the time that the casino has set for about 30 seconds, which we will clearly see with the prize draw. Obviously, with live online Hi-Lo, which allows gamblers to choose to bet according to their needs, there will be many different ways to bet on Hi-Lo according to the following steps

  • First, let the bettor log into the system first. Then go to the betting website Choose the camp you want to play. Then select the topic Sicbo or Hi-Lo, then select the betting table that you want to bet on Hi-Lo and can also choose a betting room Hi-Lo online with a minimum of 10 baht as well.
  • After choosing a Hi-Lo game betting room, in each round of the game there will be time to place bets for 30 seconds before the end of that game. which can place bets in a variety of ways with different payout rates If it matches what we have bet on, you will receive money into your pocket.