Argentina 2-2 (4-3) Netherlands: Pick up points after the 2022 World Cup

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Argentina 2-2 (4-3) Netherlands: Pick up points after the 2022 World Cup.

At the end of the game, my heart will fail.

In this game, it must said that each side controls. Their own game rhythm and plays quite tight until Argentina took the lead from the 35th minute. And added a second goal in the 73rd minute, and of course the game should end with a comfortable victory. of the blue and white team. But after that netherlands Instead. He cheated death, attacked hard and came to break the egg, creating hope in the 83rd minute that made the Orange Knight team. Play in the rest of the time like a frenzi attack on Argentina until after hitting the lid, shooting back and forth. Even in the last minute of injury time, they succeeded. Breathe until the extra time and the penalty shoot-out, the type that shocked the Argentine fans until they had to stand and clenched their fists and sat next to their seats.

Messi – Martinez Bag

This game that the blue. White team survived must be credited to two players like Lionel Messi, who is already known to be the real bag. Even though today he was chasing after the whole game, he still created incredible opportunities for the team. Along with calmly killing the penalty as a 2-0 lead, another case today that can’t be mentioned at all. Amy Martinez, Aston Villa’s save goalkeeper (penalty) today’s show 2 defenses in the decisive penalty shoot-out for the team to win in the end.

Van Gaal’s game was terrifying.

This match, after being led 2-0, the philosophical manager Louis van Gaal had no choice but to order his team to attack hard in hopes of getting the goal back. But what to do in order to penetrate it? And then the boss decided to take an old-school “header” approach, bombarding him with all the tall players up front, including defender Virgil van Dijk. It worked out well as the Argentine defenders seemed to be inferior in height and stamina before Wut Wakehorst came on as a super-sub with two equalizers. Maybe if in extra time the Orange Knights don’t slow down the game and continue to bombard them, they might have won since extra time.

Road to World Championship

From the victory in this game, it seems that the dream. That Lionel Messi will experience the world champion will begin to approach reality every moment because many people expect that the final 4 teams will have to cut with one favorite. Brazil, but in the end, the Samba team did not follow the penalty shootout defeat against Croatia earlier. Causing the last 4 teams of this line to meet between the blue and white teams and the checkered army. Which does not look as scary as meeting Brazil, however, the team that has reached this round is not normal. And they’ve shown how tough they are with 2 comebacks in a row, but 99% of Argentine fans. If they could choose, would rather face Croatia than Brazil.