Argentina-Netherlands players grade, World Cup 2022 game

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Argentina-Netherlands players grade, World Cup 2022 game.

Player scores for both teams


Amy Martinez – 9
In normal time, there is almost no chance to work hard to save, while the 2 goals conceded late in the game are too difficult to defend. However, to help save 2 penalties in the decisive shootout.

Christian Romero – 7,
dealing with attacking games. The Netherlands is good has a good timing. Decides to cut the game, makes a good foul. before being substituted due to a yellow card. While the lead team was away

Nicholas Otamendi – 8 The
last defender in the three-centre plan overall is good at tackling and collecting the ball in the air.

Lisandro Martinez – 7
Starts at right center. The overall picture was calm and definite, but was responsible for marking the distance until losing the first goal.

Nahuel Molina – 8
prominent role at right wing-back who has filled the offensive game almost throughout the game and has scored 1 goal as an opening ball since the first half

Marcos Agunya – 7
has added to the game often. called a penalty for the team in the second half But today it seems to lose the ball quite easily and not very accurately. But in the defensive game, they do well in dealing with Dumfries, who today can’t play at all.

Enzo Fernandez – 7
Outstanding midfield control There was a shot hitting the pole at the end of the game. Missed penalty shootout in penalty shoot-out

Rodrigo De Paul – 6
still has the strength of diligence chasing the ball But today the ball seems to lack accuracy. Along with being replace at the beginning of the half. After being refer to just recovering from an injury

Alexis McAllister – 7
Links the game from midfield to the front. Hold the ball well But still not creating many opportunities for the team

Lionel Messi – 9
is still the carry for the team as usual Although today there are not many opportunities to play with the ball But it was terrifyingly overtones every time he had the opportunity to make one beautiful assist before coming to the penalty spot as the second goal for the team in this game. 

Julian Alvarez – 6
Diligent chasing the ball in the frontcourt There are some chances to keep the ball in the front country. But today it was quite jammed, making it almost impossible to find a chance to shoot.


Andreas Knoppert – 7
Made some nice saves to help the team. As for the two goals conceded in 90 minutes. It can call really disqualified.

Virgil van Dijk – 7
The overall picture during the game is consider to able to control the game quite defensively. There is also a rhythm to fill up to rest the ball in the frontland at the end of the game. Unfortunately missed a penalty in the decisive duel.

Nathan Ake – 6
Center left The first half was tasked with marking Messi. But it didn’t seem to hold out much.

Julian Timber – 7,
positioned as a right-wing centre-back Plays a role in the game both offensively and defensively. Help the team to fill the game on the starboard side quite well.

Daley Blind – 6
roles, mostly defensive, cutting down midfield But still not much impact for the team

Denzel Dumfries – 5
The area was blocked off the edge of the line and barely play with the ball. From the previous match, the performance was excellent, both shooting and paying. But today it’s quiet. He also went to Xian Lian to miss and lose a penalty.

Marten De Roon – 6
Outstanding early game in a cut-off. But with the need for the goal back. It had to replace at half time.

Frankie de Jong – 7
connects the ball in the middle of the field Was task with chasing Messi in the second half, which is considered to be good and can be used to cause difficulties for the Argentine No. 10 star.

Kodi Gakpo – 6
roles, quite a few There is almost no rhythm to go with a beautiful ball at all, unable to keep the ball, there is almost no chance of finishing in this game.

Memphis Depay – 6
Not able to create chances for the team as expected. Despite falling down to stand low, he still didn’t make much of a game to help the team.

Steven Bergwijn – 5
Unfortunately missed a golden chance in the first half. So inactive after that that he was substitut at halftime.