Klopp is excited! Reveals that Liverpool’s owner may choose to Salah

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Klopp is excited! Reveals that Liverpool’s owner may choose to let Salah go to Saudi Arabia.

Jurgen Klopp is afraid Liverpool’s owner FSG will accept a huge offer from Saudi Arabia to release Mohamed Salah from the team.

ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com reveals the chance that Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah will move to the Saudi Arabia Pro League. surprise in the next few days Still cannot be crossed out, even Jurgen Klopp fears. That the club’s owner FSG capital will eventually accept a big offer from the Saudis.

Salah’s name has appeared as a target for the Saudi Pro League since the beginning, as the Egyptian star is a top player in the Africa-Middle East region. But it is seen as a long-term target, but in recent weeks Salah has been seriously linked with Al-Ittihad. for an immediate move this month

You’ve previously reported from some media sources that Al-Ittihad is preparing to test Liverpool’s spirit by making a crazy offer of 200 million pounds to the Reds, while Salah himself has been in the news. that Ready to leave as well to earn a salary of 100 million pounds per year.

At the end of last week there was news that Saad Al-Laziz,

the senior executive of the Saudi Pro League, had traveled from the Middle East. Came to negotiate with the Reds in person in England. With the hope of helping Al-Ittihad to successfully close this deal.

Recently, The Mirror quoted an inside source who said Klopp “has fears” that retaining Salah may be beyond his control. When the final decision maker, Fenway Sports Group or FSG, may raise their hand in favor of the 200 million pound sum offered by Saudi Arabia.

Klopp fears the money could be enough for FSG to give Salah the green light to leave before the Middle East inbound market closes in mid-month. To use this money to make up for the huge lack of income. From not participating in the UEFA Champions League this season.

There are also views from some sources that If they choose to keep Salah, Liverpool may not be able to get as much money from selling the 31-year-old star from the team. Especially if the players face injury problems or decline in form in the future.